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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

New Design: "The Cosmic Pianist"!

Today, we introduce a new design which suggestively hints at the concept of a transcendental entity playing the music of the Cosmos in the background of our existence within this Universe: it's "The Cosmic Pianist"!
Conceptually drawing inspiration from the mystical/philosophical idea of musica universalis, and visually reminiscent of early sci-fi / horror visuals, the new design expands this ancient concept further into the analogy between the apparent order of our Cosmos and the elegance of music harmonies.

"The Cosmic Pianist" will remind you of his intergalactic melodies on several kinds of t-shirts, hoodies, tops, mugs, bags, phone cases, skirts, and more.
Browse the entire range of products which feature the new design "The Cosmic Pianist" at The Thorny Juniper Clothing & Apparel Online Shop!

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