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Thursday, August 13, 2020

New Design: "Infinite Power"!

Our new design celebrates the mighty potential we tap into when we are blessed with new ideas, galvanized by creativity, and are empowered to shape our reality according to our Will.

A visually striking combination of universal symbols here represents this limitless potential and evokes the concepts of Infinity, Wisdom, and Empowerment.

The "Infinite Power" design is now available on several kinds of t-shirts, sweatshirt, tops, as well as on a wide range of accessories from laptop sleeves to mugs, bags , backpacks and more: you can consider it as an amulet to contemplate, wear and carry with you to attract creativity, new perspectives and power.

Browse the entire range of products which feature the new design Infinite Power at The Thorny Juniper Clothing & Apparel Online Shop!

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