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Thursday, August 27, 2020

New Design: "The Secret Keeper"!

It is a fact: we all have secrets. Sometimes, we just keep them to ourselves, at times, we share them with someone who just can't keep them and betrays our trust...
After all, keeping secrets is a lost art, like Josh Homme would say, right?
Well, not if you choose to share them with our new creature: "The Secret Keeper"! This entity is strictly devoted to keeping its mouth shut and it always makes sure that no one other than you gets the key to unlock the confidences you entrust it with.
Combining retro aesthetic with a bit of creepy touch, "The Secret Keeper" is available now on a wide range of prodcuts at The Thorny Juniper Clothing & Apparel Online Shop: it is definitely perfect on the cover of your journals, as well as on your bags and backpacks, but certainly also fitting on t-shirts, hoodies, tops, mugs, clocks, and more. On pillows, comforters and duvet covers, it'll also secure your secret dreams. And how about on masks? Spot on to wear at post lockdown meetings with friends, for sure.

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