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Monday, October 23, 2023

Shop Your Favourites with 30% Off Until October 27th!

Our massive sale starts today - right in time to get yourself some proper gifts - for you, your friends & foes - for Halloween!

Until October 27th, 2023 find and shop all your favourites with a 30% off discount - that's right, a huge discount to grab one of those surreal, bizarre, grotesque and macabre designs all for yourself - or for whoever you think deserves more surrealism in their lives!

At the Thorny Juniper you can find more than 200 deisgns, featured on wall art, apparel, clothing, home decor, accessories, and more. So there's plenty to choose from and today we want to highlight here some of the best selling products as well as some of our favourites.

Star Gaze

Certainly one of the most appreciated artworks in our shop has been the digital collage "StarGaze": it is also one of the first we ever featured, and the art prints of this one surely make for an uncanny sight in anyone's house.

"Mistress Guillotine"

This lovely lady has conquered many people since it arrived at The Thorny Juniper and many have chosen it on post cards, greeting cards and stickers: we can imagine that anyone who received this artwork clearly understood the massage message intended...an assertive mistress indeed!

"The Secret Keeper"

Here's another creature that many people have chosen for themselves or for their friends: anyone is reassured knowing that their most private secrets will remain faithfully guarded!

"The Universe Splitter"

This digital collage, tribute to Hugh Everett's brilliant interpretation of Quantum mechanics, has fascinated several people who actually arrived at The Thorny Juniper through this piece.

"Temple of Memories"

This digital collage is pretty recent, but it has quickly gained the attention of many, with its surralistic and evokative aura.

Of course this is but a small selection of the collages and designs you can find at our online shop: you can browse all of them at shop.thethornyjuniper.com!

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