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Monday, February 20, 2023

New Design: "I Only Have Eyes For You"!

We are introducing today what is possibly our most romantic design here at The Thorny Juniper so far!

Recently, Valentine's Day  inspired us a new creature who can't wait to assist you in delivering a lovely message to your significant ones...

Let' say, for example, that your partner(s) at times made you feel like you're neglecting them, or that sometimes you felt like they just want every and each bit of you for themselves, well, with this one you will clearly let them know that... you only have eyes for them! That's all you'll let them have. And hey, it's quite something, right? Not everyone can get a good old couple of eyeballs all for themselves.

If you are up to this commitment to your loved one(s), our creature can be found featured on anything you might need for this task: postacards, greeting cards, mugs, bags, t.shirts, pillows, button pins, notebooks...and more!

Check out all the possibilities at our online store!

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