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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Winter Solstice is Upon Us!

Here at the Thorny Juniper we would like to wish you all an insightful and meaningful Winter Solstice, and while doing so we thought it's the perfect occasion to highlight our design "Sacrifice To The Sun B" as it contains many symbols and references that definitely fit those of the Winter Solstice: sacrificing our more outward side and withdrawing internally for the cold season, to reflect on what is really fundamental in our existence and what needs to be discarded; strengthening our inner Self; all this in honor to the power of the Sun B, also known as the Occult Sun, which symbolizes values such as introspection, self-discipline, logic and rationality, pragmatism and stoicism.
The Heart, another Solar symbol,then nurtures the Self, and sprinkles It with Blood, the living substance which will regenerate the fertile soil of our Inner Core, to grow and prosper with Creativity and Courage.

So, may this Solstice bring us these powerful qualities and make our Inner Self strong and wise!

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